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Inbody Composition Analyzer

Want a more accurate assessment of your overall health? Come get a body scan! A regular scale gives a number only. The Evolt 360 body scanner uses bio electrical technology for a reliable, in-intrusive measure of total body composition; overall weight., lean muscle mass, water retention, body fat mass, bone density and more!


A body scan takes 10-15 minutes to complete and is done by standing on the machine and gripping the handles. You will receive a print out of your results. If you would like, staff can review the results with you. To go more in depth over your results, receive assistance with fitness goals, or any questions contact Amber Hadlock at 435-781-0982 ext. 106.

Body Scan is $20. A second scan (within 6 months) is $10 

Body scans are available Monday - Friday 8am - 9:30pm. For earlier hours, Saturday, or if you would like your scan completed by a specific staff member, please call Amber at 435-781-0982 ext.106 to schedule an appointment.