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Mountain Madness Relay/Ultra Run

Relay Map
Relay Map

This is a fifty mile relay that will run through the beautiful Ashley National Forest.  Race begins at Red Cloud Loop turn off and ends at Remember the Maine Park.

Check in at turn off to Red Cloud Loop off of the Highway where there are bathrooms. Starting line will be a mile and a half up the road where the Forest Service recently created a new parking lot.

Relay Loop Leg Distances:

Leg 1:  Turn off from Red Cloud Loop, stating line will be up the road 1.5 miles to Dyer Park turn 6.4 (6.4mi)

Leg 2:  Dyer Park turn to Upper Anderson: 6.65 mi. (13.05)

Leg 3:  Upper Anderson to N. Fork Ashley Creek: 6.9 mi. (19.95 mi.)

Leg 4:  N. Fork Ashley Creek to S. Fork Ashley Creek:  4 mi. (23.95 mi.)

Leg 5:  S. Fork Ashley Creek to Brownie Overlook:  5.92 mi. (29.87 mi.)

Leg 6:  Brownie Overlook to Flume Trailhead:  7.96 mi. (37.83 mi.)

Leg 7:  Flume Trailhead to Dry Fork Settlement:  6.25 mi. (44.08mi.)

Leg 8: Dry Fork Settlement to Remember the Maine Park:  5.5 mi. (49.58 mi.)



Saturday, August 10, 2024

Registration begins


5:30am check in

6am race starts

Ultra runners start at 5am    

$440- 8 person team
$220 - 4 person team
$110- 2 person team
$60 - 1 person


50 miles beginning at Red Cloud Loop turn off to Remember the Maine Park

(Register by July 25th to be guaranteed a T-Shirt)


August 10, 2024 or until full

Relay event information:

  • Start/ Finish- This event will start at Red Cloud Loop Turn off and finish at Remember the Maine Park (see map).
  • Runners leg assignments-
  • Ultra- whole thing!
  • 2 man- each do half or alternate legs
  • 4 man relay team- runner 1 completes leg 1 and 5, runner 2 completes leg 2 and 6, runner 3 completes leg 3 and 7, runner 4 completes leg 4 and 8.
  • 8 man- each run 1 leg
  • Registration-Must be paid in full before runner(s) are signed up for the event.
  • No shadowing runners- This means that cars cannot be driving directly along the side any runner.  This is for the safety of the runner, your vehicle, and other vehicles/ pedestrians along the road.  You may support your runner, but the vehicle must be fully pulled off to the side of the road.
  • Vehicle support except on leg 6. The only non- support leg of the relay is leg # 6.  This is due to the width of the road in this area.  There is to be no parking along side of the road.  Please follow this rule!
  • Showers- Showers are available at the Uintah Recreation Center for $1.50/ person.  Saturday hours are from 5 am to 7:00 pm. (610 S. Vernal Ave., Vernal, Ut.)


Directions to Red Cloud Loop Turn off

-           From Vernal (Main St.) Drive North on HWY 191 (19.7 mi)


Directions back to Vernal after race:

-          From Remember the Maine Park, turn left onto Dry Fork Canyon Road and becomes 3500 West (3.7 mi.)

-          Turn left onto 500 N. (Hwy  121) for 3.5 mi. to Main St., Vernal.