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Jumpstart to Fitness Challenge! Jan. 1st-31st

Everyone is invited to participate! No membership or registration required. Hosted by Uintah Recreation Personal Trainers.

How the challenge works: -complete the daily goals each day in January- movement water and 3+ veggies. Each day all 3 goals are completed is an entry into the drawing. Text a picture of your sheet to Drew King, personal trainer, NASM, to be entered (435-219-1348)

For additional Entries:

Post to social media throughout the month- pictures of you completing your goals (what movement you’re doing, eating, etc.) or a picture of your card. Tag Uintah Rec Group Fitness on Facebook or @groupfitness_uintahrec on Instagram .

Attend learning events at Uintah Recreation. Additional entry each event. 

Jan. 2nd 10 am get a body scan. 1/2 off. Half price ($10) limited to 10 people. Call 435-781-0982 to schedule. (Get a body scan any time during the month of January for an additional entry) 

 Jan. 4th 6pm- intro to weight training (gym) 

 Jan. 8th 6pm- intro to macros (conference room)

 Jan. 16th 10 am intro to weight lifting (conference room) 

 Jan. 24th 10am intro to nutrition (conference room) 

 Jan. 29th 10:30 am meal planning (conference room) 

Classes included with a membership, $7 without. No registrations required for the extra classes. Just come. 

Grand Prize- 3 month Membership to Uintah Recreation Center and Health Favorites Goody Bag 

 2nd Place- 20 time punch pass to Uintah Recreation and Health Favorites Goody Bag 

 3rd Place- Health Favorites Goody bag Amazing prizes! 

 *If a winner already has a Uintah Recreation Membership, another prize will be substituted.


The daily challenges are free to participate in and be entered for prizes. The classes are included with a membership or $7 day fee.